The Environmental Impact of Clay Brick

Clay Bricks have remained with us for quite a long time. As the earliest building material, their reasonableness and durability have endorsed them for centuries since the advent of civilization. However, are they worth at the stake of our health and environmental cost? Have we considered the environmental and individual repercussions of clay bricks? In this article, we will explore the adversaries of clay bricks and their possible alternatives.

In essence, clay bricks are made by combining clay, water, and various chemicals to obtain the desired quality and then drying them inside a kiln. The brick kilns release greenhouse gases (GHG) which are highly toxic when exposed to the atmosphere. These gases are the primary cause of severe environmental issues like climate change and global warming. They also degrade air quality, and the toxins are fatal to billions of lives. Humans are prone to cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory ailments due to the lethal gases emitted from brick kilns. An estimated 500,000 outdated brick kilns operate globally daily to mass produce clay bricks, dangerously polluting the environment. We all must have seen several of these kilns in use, especially in the rural areas of Nepal. Dense black clouds of smoke billowing from the factories’ chimneys are always overlooked by us, unaware of the damage it’s causing. We need to heed the absolute urgency to reduce the ongoing harmful effects of these highly polluting kilns. As mentioned earlier, the black smoke from the kilns is packed with greenhouse gases and other toxins. This causes a phenomenon; the greenhouse effect, which raises the overall earth’s temperature and drastically depletes the ozone layer. The temperature rise directly influences higher rates of Himalayan glacial melts resulting in unforeseen flooding. Keeping all of these consequences in mind and considering the current environmental situation, we should switch to better products that offer us the same, if not more, incredible benefits with less environmental damage.

Now, for a moment, let us reroute our way back and focus on the impacts made on a relatively more minor aspect but still extremely important to note. It is no surprise that the working condition there is heart-wrenching, that the workers and the local community become the victims. They have a significantly higher risk of developing respiratory diseases like asthma, chronic bronchitis, or lung cancer, resulting in premature deaths. The majority of people affected by these health issues are the working-class people: laborers at the kilns or the localities. Addedly, the saddening agricultural ramification of this widely extended industry is no secret. The fertile topsoil essential for agriculture is extracted to mass produce bricks, leaving a threat to sustainable agriculture. This land degradation directly impacts the soil quality, which leads to compromised production of crops.  Also, higher earth temperature results in irregular rainfall, making the farmers have a tough time.

Due to these reasons, brick kilns are recognized as one of the largest stationary black carbon-producing sources, along with iron and steel-producing industries—all of these sum up to 20% of the total carbon-emitting sources.

Why Asian Concreto?

As mentioned above, a prudent decision is to switch to a better alternative that would give us the same, if not more, excellent beneficial value with lesser negative impacts, and Asian Concreto is the best solution available right next to your door.

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At Asian Concreto, we pick only the finest raw materials to manufacture our products. Opting for advanced German technology, we ensure you top-notch quality products only. Unlike brick kilns, our technology doesn’t emit hazardous smoke.

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