Kerbstone in Nepal

A Kerbstone is a constrained stone or concrete solid that joins other solids end to end to form a Kerb. They’re utilized on dangerous curves, pedestrian islands, and to preserve pathways and equipment by preventing traffic from leaving the carriageway. The kerb stones have a sloping back profile which provides this protection. It provides an unobstructed view of the carriageway. Kerbstones aid in the prevention of any form of roadway spread. Road rollers may also function right up against the edge of pavements without affecting the kerb surface because of their design. Aside from roadways, kerbstone has proven its worth in establishing lawn boundaries in homes and parks, as well as edges along pavements, squares, and parking lots. 

Dimension of kerb stones in Nepal

The dimension of kerb stones varies with the place and manufacturer. The standard sizes of kerbstones  in Nepal are 250X200X380 mm3, 300X200X350 mm3 and 300X165X325 mm3.

The length of a standard kerb stone varies from 250mm to 300 mm. For a 100 meters long road, we need 400 units each of 250 mm length and 334 units each of 300 mm length.

Kerbstones Price  in Nepal

The price of kerbstones in Nepal varies according to the type and their grade. The two types of kerb stones available i.e. Half Battered and Bullnose kerb stones come in three different grades namely M15, M20 and M25. The price for Half Battered kerb stones of M15 grade varies from Rs 215 to Rs 250, M20 grade varies from Rs 225 to Rs 260 and that of M25 grade varies from Rs 265 to Rs 285. Similarly the price for a bullnose kerbstone ranges from Rs 265 to Rs 310. These prices are factory prices and are exclusive of VAT and transportation charges.