Good Kerbing can be achieved by implementing the following guidelines:
However, these are only in the nature of guidance. The users are requested to make their own decisions by using these guidelines. Where required, users are advised to source other expertise available in the market. A successful pavement is possible only when it is well supported and restrained by proper kerbing or edging on the periphery of the pavement. It is also necessary to prevent vehicular traffic from moving beyond the constructed pavement. The kerbing or edging is necessary also to retain the laying course at the bottom of the pavement and to efficiently handle horizontal loads which may cause displacement of paving segments within the overall pavement. It is necessary to use good quality and durable kerbs as they have to handle vehicular impacts. They should be also installed properly to be efficient and serve the purpose and objective. It is generally observed that the kerbs are badly unloaded from the vehicles at sites and also handled with negligence by workmen while moving them from the stacked lot to the point of fixing thereby causing damage to the curbs, chipping of edges, and corners. This kind of negligence causes the poor appearance of kerbstones.

For good results, efficient supervision is a must. Please follow the following for proper installation: 

1. A good and reasonable mix of concrete should be laid for at least 100mm height on which the kerbing edging units are fixed in such a way that the pavement is joined with the kerbs. This concreting is done to provide for fixing of kerbs at the proper level. 

2. To ensure proper alignment, kerbs should be fixed by using string lines tied properly. This method allows for achieving a good level and straightness. 

3. Concrete haunching on the back of the kerbing is absolutely necessary to provide lateral support. The width of the haunched concrete should be a minimum of 75mm to a maximum of 150mm depending on whether it’s a pathway or a medium trafficked driveway or highway. The haunching has to be finished well. 

Depending on whether it’s a pathway or a medium-trafficked driveway or a highway, kerbs of different dimensions and thicknesses are available and can be chosen