How to choose Concrete Paving Blocks And Tiles in Nepal?

For centuries, concrete paving blocks and tiles have been the prominent attribute everywhere, indoors or outdoors, peaceful family patios or traffic-heavy roadsides. Due to their longevity, easy maintenance, and easy application, concrete paving blocks and tiles prove to be an investment that will certainly hold up for a very very long time. This makes choosing the right type all the more important. 

Moreover, with the advent of technology and enthusiastic people like we here at Asian Concreto, you will find numerous unique choices. From plain to interlocking, textured or not, along with diverse color schemes, endless product options are only a click away on your computer. 

Hence, to help you make the optimum investment, here are a few factors to consider when opting for Concrete Paving Blocks and Tiles in Nepal:


Whether you are inspired by the timeless classical aesthetic of Patan’s ancient pavings, a chiseled Italian Villa in a mafia movie, or colorful Victorian villas over Pinterest, you will surely find a type of Concrete Paver that matches your style. So, if you are after a specific aesthetic, make sure to explore the product catalog by weighing in the products’ pictures and comparing them with the picture in your head. Always view the pictures, patterns, and colors with maximum attentiveness! 

A few examples of aesthetics and the type of tiles or blocks you could opt for:

Nature Friendly: Asian Grass Paver – allows natural grass to grow around and recharge the groundwater table

Stone Like Work: Asian Fusion Tile – an array of textures and numerous combination

Urban Edge: Asian Matrix Tile – crisp and uniform appearance

Decorative: Asian Romba 3D – eye-catchy three-dimensional look


Concrete Tiles can be used in a multitude of places: private driveways, backyard patios, public areas, poolside, decorative accents. The coverage and frequency of use range from huge parking lots with countless vehicles passing every day to small decorative backdrops of an indoor fireplace. Therefore, where the tiles are being used is a must to factor in.

Based on where and what the tiles are being used for, the load factor and structural capabilities of each type need to be considered. For example, for reinforced boundary walls, Asian Hollow Blocks are ideal due to their sturdiness, while, Asian Behaton I would be good for parking lots and driveways with more vehicular activities. Meanwhile, although Asian Italia would be excellent for walkways and garden areas, it would not be the best for driveways. 

Remember to always check the Load Factor and Where to be used suggestions of the products! 


When choosing landscaping pavers and tiles for any location, not only the load factor and strength but also the safety element could make it or break it. It is necessary to make sure that the paving blocks would not be hazardous in any situation that they may encounter. 

Unlike ceramic tiles, concrete tiles are generally slip-proof which is one of the major benefits of these pavers. But for the pool deck and other areas with greater water presence you can ensure greater safety by picking textured tiles Asian Fusion tiles and Asian Italia. Similarly, for driveways and elevated areas, skid-proof tiles. Not just the texture, but also the pattern in which the tiles are arranged can contribute to making sure that the slippery aspect is completely avoided. This is where the wide range of customizable textures and patterns of Concrete Tiles work best. 

Furthermore, to ensure safety for all, especially in pedestrian-friendly areas and footpaths, Asian Tactiles could prove to be exceptionally favorable for road safety for differently-abled people. Pavements with Tactile use numerous specific patterns and dots to specify directions, and provide warnings to visualize the scene for the visually impaired. Guiding a wheelchair is also made safer by this technique. These blind-friendly and wheelchair-friendly tiles with detectable warnings are an active effort towards making roads accessible for all.  

Safety and welfare should never be compromised in any type of construction!


Concrete tiles are one of the most cost-effective construction materials. Not only are they low-cost but also last for years and years proving to be a profitable long-term investment. They are also easy to clean and cost considerably low to maintain. So, the overall cost would be very reasonable. 

But when calculating the overall cost, do not forget to factor in the costs of labor and installing the pavers and tiles in place. An easy and secure fix can be achieved quickly with the asian pavers, so labor days would not be immensely long. If possible, look for a professional with plausible referrals. 

Another way to reduce wastage and control costs is to not purchase more products than required. To easily calculate how many tiles you should need, you can use our Area Calculator


Never trade-off quality. The use of the latest technologies has granted concrete landscaping products of international standards to be made in Nepal. Whenever purchasing concrete paving blocks and kerbstone, always check for the Nepal Standard Certified to ensure the quality. 

The standards of the raw materials and the processes used also contribute to determining the quality of the concrete materials. Suitable Quality Control processes need to be in place – raw materials checked routinely, water analysis, cement test, pigment quality measures, and close monitoring. These are the signs of manufacturers who commit to quality above all.

Asian Concreto uses automated World’s Best German Technology with high-end standard curing techniques to guarantee the highest quality. It is the only one in Nepal with a total of less than a handful being available in South Asia. Strict Quality Control measures have been set up and acted upon by all factions of the manufacturing process at Asian Concreto proved by the top-notch products.

Delivery Service

The availability, ease, skills, and tools with which the delivery of the pavers is handled should always be weighed in when choosing where to buy the blocks and tiles from. 

Delivery of any type of construction material can require much effort and skill to accomplish and deal with. Moreover, the sheer volume and intricacies involved with the distribution of concrete blocks and tiles could make the delivery of those pavers all the more complicated, if not handled professionally, and with the right equipment. Not only technically difficult, if not handled with extra attention, but it could also even become a safety hazard. 

Hence, when choosing an outlet, make sure that the supplier has a proper delivery process in place. Go for the one which follows proper and optimized protocols using equipment boasting the latest technology. 

Asian Concreto accommodates shipment to your site using the best delivery method which is customized according to the weight, volume, distance, location, and size of the order. The latest equipment, vehicles, and techniques operated by skilled manpower with years of experience are used to ensure that the pavers reach you safely, without any hassle.    


  • Know your style and go for it
  • Go for the highest quality tiles engineered with the latest technology
  • Be cost-aware and smartly reduce wastage
  • Do not compromise on safety
  • Make sure that your order is delivered with care.