How to calculate the number of paving blocks and tiles for a particular area

Asian Concreto is a pioneering company in the landscaping products and construction material industry that has introduced superior European technology to the Nepali market. While Asian Concreto holds its motto of “Beautify your way” through its variety of products in a multitude of designs, colors, and patterns, quality has always been the core principle at its plants. With its fully automated and highly regulated plant it produces a plethora of quality products like Pavers, Tiles, Bricks and Kerbstones.

In any landscaping project, from small scale private house renovation projects to large scale road pavement laying projects, it is essential we have a good approximation of the number of precast concrete blocks needed. This further helps in budget estimation for the project which can be pivotal in planning large scale landscaping projects. Also, it helps reduce unnecessary waste of materials during construction. One of the most common methods to make such estimation is the surface area method. This method basically compares the area of the surface to be covered to the area per unit block.

Surface area method

Following data are required which is easily obtainable with a common measuring tape:

  1. Area of the application surface
  2. Area of the standard block – easily available from the asian concreto website. Highly dependable data as the European technology produces highly uniform and consistent products in terms of size and quality.

Let us look at an example with our Asian Interlock Pavers:

Asian Interlock Pavers
Asian Interlock Pavers

Calculating the application surface

Length of the surface say l = 10ft

Breadth(heigh in terms of walls) of the surface say b= 10ft

Surface area (S) = l*b = 100ft2

If there are any areas that need no covering like opening in wall,

Length of opening say lo = 3ft

Height of opening say bo = 3ft

Surface area of opening So =  lo*bo = 3 x 3 = 9ft2

Then net application surface Sn = S- So = 100 – 9 = 91ft2

Calculate block are:

Block length lb = 7.874 inch

Block height hb = 7.874 inch

Surface area of one block Sb = 7.874 x 7.874 ~ 62 inch2 = 62 / (12 x 12) = 0.43 ft2

Number of blocks required = Sn / Sb = 91 / 0.43 = 211.63 ~ 212 blocks

Considering 5% wastage factor,

Total number of blocks = 212 + (212 x 5 / 100) ~ 225 blocks

Fret not if you find the calculations cumbersome, here at asian concreto we always put our customer first. We have provided an Area Calculator that does all the calculations for you behind the scenes and provides you the estimated number. Let us now repeat the calculations aforementioned through the Asian Concreto’s Area Calculator.

On the Area Calculator app, Select the precast product you want. Let’s select pavers here, then next you select the type of paver you want from the wide variety of pavers we provide.

Choose Product in Area Calculator
Choose Product

Next, you select the unit for your calculation. You can either select the calculation in ft2 or in m2 and then, enter the surface area of the location as shown in the diagram below:

Select Area Unit in Area Calculator
Select Area Unit

Finally the result is displayed on your screen almost instantly which in our case is 225 paver blocks.

Final Result in Area Calculator
Final Result

You will also benefit from the information about the product right below the result box. It provides the compressive strength which is correlated to the load bearing capacity of the product along with the length, width and thickness of the pavers.

This process can be repeated for walls and road application for concrete bricks, hollow blocks, kerbstones and many more. Asian Concreto is not only committed to providing the best quality products but also providing the best experience for your landscaping project.