Endless possibilities with Asian Pavers.

Have you searched the market for sterling pavers offering the most outstanding services but haven’t found any? Well, in that case, Asian Concreto is always there to rescue you. Having been for more than five years in the paving game, today, Asian Concreto stands at the apex of crafting pavers. Asian Pavers are not only outstanding in aestheticizing surroundings and quality but also come with a multitude of functionalities. With a variety of shapes, textures and colors you can mold the surrounding the way you like them to be from a physical-impaired-friendly sphere to an awe-striking site to weather resistance.

Asian Concreto does not just use the ultra-advanced German technology and finest raw materials to manufacture its products, the company also has some of the finest engineers and skilled manpower to execute the seamless laying. And the company is always very keen to hand over the knowledge. Hence, semi-skilled workers are regularly provided with training so that the laying task is executed in uniformity.  Now, let’s dive into the different types of paver designs and patterns we provide at Asian Concreto that puts us apart from the rest of the paver manufacturers: 

Asian Rectangular

If you are old school and do not prefer weird and stylish shapes in your driveways and patios, you can opt for the Asian Rectangular. It is the simplest of all the best blocks available at Asian Concreto. Asian Rectangular is available in many colours and can be installed in several patterns in your courtyard or driveways. They provide excellent resistance to wear or any physical and mechanical damage. 

The rectangular pavers can be tracked down to the Roman empires. The Romans created beautiful alleys and roads with their unique architecture, and centuries later, Asian Concreto is reviving the vibe using state-of-the-art German technology. These pavers provide high skid resistance and are easy to install. 

your driveways. It creates a sturdy and robust base through its interlocking mechanism. The paved surfaces are aesthetic, and by the creative use of colours, you can craft attractive and long-lasting veneers.

All the concrete paving blocks from Asian Concreto are cured in heat and humidity-controlled curing chambers. The hexagon blocks are resistant to dust and mechanical wear. You can use them in your walkways, driveways, or parking space.

Asian Interlock

Asian Interlock is arguably the best-looking concrete paving block on our list. It features a unique design and creates a strong foundation for landscaping projects. These beautiful blocks are reusable and can be used to decorate your sidewalks, driveways, parks, and patios. Asian Interlock is available in various colours and can be installed in two patterns. 


Asian Grass Paver

If you are a nature lover and like to see some greenery in your patios or driveways, you’ll love the Asian Grass paver. It fills your home spaces with greenery while endowing sufficient hard ground to preserve the surface. It is an eco-friendly product from Asian Concreto that adds environmental aesthetics while attending to your pavement needs. The paver has small square gaps in the centre where grass and weeds of your choice can foster. Not only does it maintain the natural vibe of your spaces, but it also aids the groundwater recharge process.If you want to preserve the water harvesting capabilities of the soil while securing yourself a concrete base, Asian grass paver is the best choice. 

 Asian Behaton I

If you want an ideal paving solution for areas that bear high traffic, Asian Behaton I would be the best choice. As a result of its intricate design and structure, it offers excellent load-bearing capabilities. Thus, it is ideal for large-scale industrial areas and other heavy-duty areas. It is manufactured in a 100% automated plant in adherence to German technology. You can get the Asian Behaton I in a wide range of colours. However, the placement pattern is limited due to its complex shape.

 Asian Cobble

Asian Cobble is a square-shaped concrete paving block that can be used in garden areas, pool decks, or even terraces. It can be placed in just one pattern, but since it is available in many colours, you can be creative and create fabulous designs. The square shapes give a good and pleasing look to your surfaces. All the concrete pavers from Asian Concreto are highly resistant to skid and wear. 


Asian Unipavers

Asian Unipavers  have a strong interlock and give your surfaces a fluid design. These are the only concrete pavers on our list that aren’t crafted with straight lines. If you want to break out of dull square and rectangular shapes and give your patios or driveways a fluid and curvy design, Asian Unipavers can be your optimal choice. All the concrete blocks from Asian Concreto are certified for their strength and quality. Thus, you can choose any of these blocks that fit your requirement and aesthetic preferences.

 Asian Romba 3d

Asian Romba 3d is the perfect choice for homeowners who are fans of eye-catching designs and visual illusions. It embellishes your home spaces with 3-dimensional marvels that are attractive and strong. Public spaces usually refrain from using these as some people might be sensitive to visual illusions. But when it comes to your private spaces, you can go all out and be as creative and flashy as you want. 

 Asian Nostalgic

Ethnic European designs inspire the concept of Asian Nostalgic. The circular structures are similar to mandalas and thus flaunt beautiful visuals. These concrete paving blocks come in various sizes to make up for a perfect circle according to the client’s requirements. The pavers are available in many colours so that you can create art in your driveway and private spaces.

 Asian Zigzag

Asian Zigzag has a robust design and excellent load-bearing capacity. Its complex interlock system endows it great strength and thus can be ideal for areas that experience heavy vehicular traffic. It comes in many colours and can be installed in varying patterns according to the client’s preferences. 


What is the value of making the surroundings beautiful and clean if that costs the deterioration of the environment and human health? What is the practicality of such products whose making cost is so high that their installation and Maintenance charges are abnormally high? And what is the use of such pavers that only appear attractive with no quality? 

Well, at Asian Concreto these questions are taken into an account with great importance. For Asian Concreto customers’ contentment, product quality and functionalities and minimum harm to the environment are matters of great concern. Hence, our products are eco-friendly that are reusable and recyclable. Unlike traditional brick factories, our plants are emission-free. Similarly, our products are affordable to install and repair. In addition, every product of Asian Concreto is like two in one. For those who are in seek of quality products, their aesthetic component is free. Customers can have both, beauty and strength in our pavers. 


Nobody likes using products that wear off, break and require frequent mending and repairing. Such products let go of our investment and effort in vain. And when it comes to the construction of walkways, patios and other public spheres and our own using low-quality pavers not only get premature damage but might also invite accidents causing irreparable loss. 

Secondly, it is high time the public sphere transformed inclusive to all kinds of differently-abled people. We can create such a sphere only when we use the products for special functions. And at Asian Concreto we have every product to beautify our ways as well as serve people with all kinds of needs. Hence if you are a sensible builder whose vision is to create pathways with multiple functions then Asian Concreto has everything you have desired for.