Asian Concreto’s role in the sophisticated use of paving blocks and tiles in urban spaces of Nepal


Asian Concreto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of paving blocks, bricks, tiles, and kerbstones in Nepal. It is the only Nepal Standard Certified Block manufacturing company and employs state-of-the-art German technology. Clearly, it is the country’s largest company in the concrete landscaping industry. With a plethora of superior grade products, a fully automated plant/factory, and an impeccable reputation on landscaping works, Asian Concreto is the first choice for architectural, residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects throughout the country. 

Asian Concreto has ushered the landscaping industry with cutting-edge technology and NS-certified products. Its role in the sophisticated use of paving blocks and tiles in urban spaces of Nepal is unrivaled. The company flaunts a huge portfolio of exemplary works from Mechi to Mahakali and marches forward with a clear vision ‘Beautify Your Way.’ In this blog, we explore how Asian Concreto has made a difference and is striving towards setting up better urban spaces in Nepal.

What is an Urban Space?

The streets, the plazas, the parks, and all the other collective private, as well as public spaces that represent the quality of the city even more than the buildings or highways, are Urban Spaces. These urban spaces are the enabler of social interaction and directly influence the quality of life of the residents of the city. They define the structure of the city and represent its social, religious, economic, and even political status. 

An ideal Urban Space 

An ideal Urban Space not only meets the daily requirements of the inhabitants of the city, but it is also in sync with their cultural and religious sentiments. It facilitates quality of life for all inhabitants either physically abled or disabled ones. It is a no-brainer that an urban space must be visually compelling. However, it should also reflect the local culture, architecture, and act as a safe space for bringing people and communities together. 

Asian Concreto’s role

Asian Concreto’s pioneering work on developing the urban spaces of Nepal has been quite extraordinary so far. Infrastructure is the base point of a country’s prosperity. A well-built urban space not only looks attractive but also serves the public in terms of safety and convenience. Thus, the first step towards this is to use quality products when building these urban spaces. Asian Concreto recognized the technological gap between Nepal and western countries in terms of manufacturing landscaping products. Thus, it built the only 100% automated plant and imbued all of its processes with German technology. Before Asian Concreto, no concrete products were manufactured with adherence to the Nepal Standard act 2037. Since 2017, Asian Concreto has been manufacturing world-class concrete products that recently got its Nepal Standard Certification mark in April 2021.

Evidently, Asian Concreto is driven towards promoting and developing better urban spaces throughout the country. There are examples later in the article where the company volunteered to make world-class disabled-friendly footpaths covering all the expenses just to give a demonstration to the government of what an ideal urban space looks like. Furthermore, it has redesigned the urban spaces of some cultural sites and some entertainment centers. Thanks to Asian Concreto, Nepal has a huge supply of European standard products that are being manufactured automatically every hour in the modern factory situated 250km west of Kathmandu. Let’s dive deeper and be specific about the role of Asian Concreto towards building better urban spaces in Nepal.

Variety of Products

The first thing you can expect from Nepal’s leading and certified block manufacturers is a wide variety of products that are crafted with European standards. The fully automated German Technology and mechanisms leave zero margins for error and deliver products that are superior in build, design, size, and durability. Furthermore, the raw materials used for the production are top-notch and sometimes even imported to make sure the outcome exceeds the expectations of the marketplace. 

Asian Concreto manufactures blocks, tiles, bricks, and kerbstones in multiple shapes, sizes, designs, textures, and colors. The only thing consistent here is the quality of the concrete products. You can get detailed information on the wide variety of products from the official products page of the company. 

Disable friendly footpaths

Asian Concreto specializes in building disable friendly footpaths. The Asian Tactile is a special concrete tile from the company that guides people with impaired vision and those in wheelchairs. The ridge and dots design make it easier for wheelchairs to glide along the footpaths and people with impaired vision to navigate their way across the footpath effectively. It serves as a detectable warning tile and keeps visually impaired people away from hazardous motorways.

One of the examples of these is the 90m footpath constructed in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The company volunteered to bear all costs and exercised full creativity when building the LMC Ward no. 3 footpath. The segment was designed with careful consideration of the requirements of both physically able and handicapped pedestrians, thus including the detectable warning tiles. The honorable mayor of Lalitpur, Mr. Chiri Babu Marharjan, expressed his gratitude for the disabled and environment-friendly footpath constructed on the premises of Pulchowk. He further mentioned that the aesthetics and quality of the footpath rival the ones he had seen during his visit to western countries. 

Traffic bearing

It is visually evident that the tiles, blocks, and bricks manufactured by the Asian Concreto make up for beautiful roads. In addition, they are equally resilient and durable. The traffic bearing capacity of these concretes is the best in the country, being the only Nepal Standard Certified blocks. The strict quality control policy is implanted right from the use of raw materials. The fully automated manufacturing process ensures uniform mixtures and produces products with zero defects.

Moreover, all the blocks and tiles are cost-effective and take little time to manufacture. They have a flawless finish, excellent skid resistance and are delivered across the country with no deformities. The use of the best raw materials and European technologies results in a product that has high traffic bearing capabilities and pleasant aesthetics.  

Groundwater recharging

Groundwater recharging is crucial for effective groundwater management. It helps prevent negative consequences like dry wells, flood risks, sinking lands, and other groundwater pumping effects. 

Asian Grass Pavers are another featured product of the company. These 80mm pavers crafted with German technologies are crucial in recharging the groundwater, especially in the urban spaces where most of the surfaces are covered or plastered with concrete. The Asian grass pavers have water harvesting capabilities and are deployed in urban spaces like parking and landscaping areas. This helps recharge the groundwater in the monsoon.

Concrete tiles and paving blocks for cultural heritage

Nepal is rich in culture, monuments, and structures. They carry not only historical importance but also signify the rich architecture of the ancient Nepalese. Asian Concreto is proud to have worked in close collaboration with so many cultural heritage sites and decorated them with aesthetically matching tiles and paving blocks. 

Some examples are the beautiful Asian interlock and cobbles in the Maya Devi Temple Road, Asian matrix tiles in the Nepal Bajryana Monastery, and Asian rectangular and tactile with kerbstones in the Narayanhiti Palace Road. Asian Concreto is always looking for opportunities to contribute to the beauty and importance of the Nepalese culture. The sophisticated and patterned use of the paving blocks and tiles in these cultural and urban spaces are amazing to look at and will serve for decades to come. 


We discussed the role of Asian Concreto in the development of urban spaces in Nepal. From local residences and public footpaths to cultural heritage sites, the company has delivered excellent visible results in its every endeavor. Still, we feel like there is so much to attain and contribute to the landscaping scene of the country especially considering the technical prowess and the reputation it has maintained since its inception.