A deeper insight into Asian Bricks and Asian Hollow Blocks

What are Asian Bricks

Asian Bricks are concrete bricks manufactured by Asian Concreto. They are fully machine-made in the 100% automated plant located in west Nepal. They can be an ideal option when constructing load-bearing as well as non-load-bearing walls. Since every product of the company is imbued with German technology, they are very strong and durable. Furthermore, they also have accurate dimensions in each piece since the process is fully automated. These bricks last for a long time and have low carbon emission rates during manufacture. Thus, they are environmentally friendly as well as economical.

Color, Dimension and Strength of Asian Bricks

Currently, Asian Bricks come in red and grey. They have low density and weight, and since they are pre-cured in heating chambers, they are completely dry. This makes them almost waterproof having an absorption of less than 10%. The dimension of these engineered bricks is always consistent, 230mm* 110mm * 70mm. They have a compressive strength of 7.5-10 N/mm2 depending on the thickness. 

Most Asian Bricks have dimensions of 230*110*70 mm. In comparison, the locally made clay bricks are slightly smaller with dimensions 230*110*60. About 434 Asian Bricks are required to fill up a meter cube space, whereas about 496 local bricks are required to fill up the same space. As a result, Asian bricks are cost-effective. However, cost and size are not the only factors. Since these bricks are manufactured with cutting-edge technology, they have zero margins of error. Even the delivery is smooth and safe which ensures minimal damage to the products. In the case of locally made clay bricks, they are not only small, inconsistent, and of low quality, they also have many damaged pieces in each batch. 

Features of Asian Bricks

The Asian Bricks have a much larger load-bearing capacity. They do not require maintenance and their uniform size facilitates easy and perfect installation. The use of integral pigments makes these bricks available in two natural colors. As a result, they can also be laid as facing bricks and decorative purposes. Moreover, these Asian Concreto products also offer excellent thermal and sound insulation. Since they have a superior finish, they can save you a ton of labor and plastering costs. Clearly, Asian bricks are better in every aspect.

Asian bricks can be used in load-bearing and non-load-bearing wall structures. They can also be used in pavements, staircases, and design walls according to the nature of the project. 

What are Asian Hollow Blocks

Asian Hollow Blocks are the engineered concrete blocks from Nepal’s most technologically advanced manufacturer of concrete products. These blocks contain two or more hollow cavities inside of them. The gaps are present to additionally reinforce them according to the nature of construction work. Thus, they are an ideal choice in the construction of both load-bearing walls and non-load-bearing walls. All the bricks and blocks manufactured by Asian Concreto have very minimal side effects to the environment. The carbon emission and energy wastage are very low which makes the product environment-friendly. Furthermore, they last longer than conventional blocks and thus gain an economic edge as well.

Color, Dimension and Strength of Asian Hollow Blocks

Asian hollow blocks endow excellent thermal and sound insulation to the structures. They are available in just one color (grey) but can be laid in many patterns. Each block is cured in heat and humidity-controlled chamber of Asian Concreto. Thus, they are completely dry and have low water absorption. In regards to the specifications, the length and height of the blocks are always the same i.e., 390*190mm. However, they are manufactured in varying thicknesses ranging from 100 to 200 mm. They have a compressive strength of about 7.5 N/mm2.

Why Asian Hollow Blocks superior in Nepal?

In comparison to the locally made hollow blocks, the Asian hollow blocks are far more superior. To begin with, each piece is dimensionally accurate which enables easy construction and effective placement of blocks. The structural performance of these blocks can be engineered according to requirements and they also provide better insulation to heat, sound, and fire. The traditional/local hollow blocks emit a lot of carbon during their manufacture. In Asian Concreto, the integration of German technology ensures minimal carbon emission and wastage. Furthermore, since the process is fully automated, the production is always ongoing with guaranteed quality in each product. 

In Nepal, Mantra Inc. manufactures and sells hollow blocks making machines which are quite popular in the market. The machine requires the constant engagement of at least two people and the end result is also not satisfactory. The hollow blocks are distorted and damaged even before they are taken out of the machine. When compared to the fully automated German technology of Asian Concreto, the local manufacturers fade to the shadows. In addition to being more aesthetic and uniform, the Asian Hollow Blocks are also stronger and have greater load-bearing capabilities than any other Nepalese hollow blocks. The company certainly lives up to its reputation with its Nepal Standard Certified Mark products.

Asian Hollow Blocks can be used in Fair Face Walls, Partitioning Walls, Load Bearing Walls, Boundary Walls, and other Decorative Applications