Permeable Pavers – Smart Products for Your Needs

Asian Concreto is pleased to bring PERMEABLE PAVERS, a range of totally permeable pavers to NEPAL. The need for hard surfaces that allow water to drain naturally has increased substantially. Modern construction requires a modern response. Increased extremities in weather mean an increased likelihood of flash flooding and other extreme weather events.

ASIAN PAVERS are 100% concrete pavers, perfect for roads, parking areas, driveways, public footpaths, pedestrian precincts, garden paths, and patios. They provide the perfect response to rainfall, whether it’s a light shower or a heavy downpour. You don’t have to worry about finding a hiding spot for that unsightly drain because the pavers act as the drain. The permeable material allows the water to pass through the pavers and go into the soil, replenishing our groundwater stocks and assisting in the hydration of surrounding plants.

Asian Pavers is truly a modern response to a modern problem. They provide a flexible construction option whilst being an eco-friendly alternative to current paving options. They will also increase the safety of your paved area, by reducing puddling and they also act as a surface temperature regulator, making them perfect for cramped urban spaces where heat can be easily trapped. Laying permeable pavers is remarkably similar to laying regular pavers on a crushed rock and sand base.