Asian Hollow Block


Asian Hollow Blocks are Concrete Blocks from the house of Asian Concreto with two or more hollow cavities that can be further reinforced making them the ideal material to build both load-bearing and non-load-bearing wall structures. Asian Hollow Blocks provides structures with augmented strength and stability and has a minimal environmental impact.




  • Fair Face Walls
  • Partitioning Walls
  • Load Bearing Walls
  • Boundary Walls
  • Decorative Application


Hollow Block(in) Dimensions (inmm)
(Length x Breadth x Thickness)
Blocks/m2 Blocks/sqft Compressive
Strength (N/mm2)
4 390 x 100 x 190 13.49 1.25 ≥7.5
6 390 x 150 x 190 13.49 1.25 ≥7.5
8 390 x 200 x 190 13.49 1.25 ≥7.5


  • Manufactured in 100% Automated Plant with technology, AG, Germany
  • Easy, year round installation
  • Cured in heat and humidity controlled curing chamber
  • Excellent skid resistance


  • Rapid Execution of Work: Asian Hollow Blocks are lighter and of uniform size. This facilitates rapid execution.
  • Increase in Floor Area: Option to build thinner walls helps save space and increase floor area.
  • Reduces Construction Cost: Asian Hollow Blocks helps save construction material and reduces constructions cost.
  • Better Insulation: Offers great insulation against sound, heat and dampness.
  • More Durable: Asian Hollow Blocks withstands atmospheric turmoil and requires no protective covering.
  • Bonding of Mortar & Plaster: Rough surface provides good bonding of mortar and plaster.
  • Cost-Effective: The block's durability and great strength reduce maintenance cost.