Where to Buy the Best Concrete Paving Blocks & Tiles in Nepal

If you had to buy electronics at a cheap price, where would you go? Obviously, the first place anyone would say is Bangemuda. What if you had to buy the finest and exclusive branded items? It would undeniably be Durbar Marga, where you can get a variety of high-quality luxury items but at an expensive price. Similarly, if you need a certain product from Kathmandu in Dharan, you can simply order it online in Daraz Nepal which can deliver items all over Nepal. 

Lastly, if one has to embellish their premises with appealing paving tiles, if the streets and footpaths have to be structured with paving blocks and kerbstones, and if a home, shopping mall, or a star-sized hotel has to make their outlook ineffable with decorative bricks in any part of Nepal, where would your go-to-place be? The one place I suggest that will be enough to meet your ever arching needs and imaginations is Asian Concreto. Hold on, please let me tell you why.

Anyone who is going to invest in beautifying their homes, institutional premises, and streets will always be subconsciously or consciously looking for choices, the choices in design, shape, size, color, and quality. Asian Concreto has been providing wide varieties of superior grade concrete landscaping products such as concrete interlocking Pavers, luxury paving tiles, KerbstonesConcrete Bricks, and Engineered Hollow Blocks available in an extensive range of patterns, colors, and designs to cater to a vast range of clients for architectural projects related to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional premises. Some may find it intriguing to choose from the plethora of options available while it may be overwhelming for some of us. However, the detailed specifications and catalogs available on their website can help you get a clear understanding of each specific product. Do consider looking at various things to consider before buying good pavers and tiles. If you are short on time and would like a bird’s-eye view of all the products you can follow this blog. But your best bet would be to get your hands on the consultation services from the experienced salespeople of Asian Concreto directly so you can be perfectly sure you get the right match for your unique needs.

Asian Hexagon is derived from Nature itself and creates a surface of effortless beauty and helps render dust and slush-free aesthetically pleasant surroundings. The uniquely shaped paver Asian Romba 3D instantly catches the eye and adds nothing short of a 3-dimensional marvel to the surface. The Eco-Friendly Asian Grass Paver provides a high degree of water charge (permeability) and allows lush green landscaping by allowing good growth of green grass around it. The slightly rough yet clean ridge-like patterns, sober color schemes, and ground texture of Asian Italia tiles give your space an exotic appeal that is at once exclusive and cozy taking you back to the medieval ages. Asian Tactile is robust ridge and dots tactile for blind-friendly giving directional guide making footpaths and any walkways for walking or wheelchair guidance friendly to such groups of people.

The distinct, modular units and designed variations in color, texture, and shape can break up areas giving visual interest and a human scale not possible with monotonous, formless materials. Asian Concreto has developed this concept, moving away from simple, regular patterns and colors to expand an extensive palette of styles, shapes, colors, and textures to meet current demands in urban design, matching – and often exceeding – the visual qualities of other materials. Moreover, they plan to introduce ethnic and traditional patterns and colors giving exquisite classical looks in pavers and tiles to our streets, homes, and historical monuments to add to the glory of history, culture, and tradition.  

Asian Concrete has completely made its presence felt in the concrete paving industry of Nepal, albeit only being around for a while. It takes pride in its capability to introduce its products as made in Nepal. In general circumstances, you may disregard made in Nepal products in the sense of durability and quality, but Asian Concreto will make you eat your words. Their products are the finest and are manufactured in 100% automated plants in its manufacturing base located in Nawalparasi. It is the nation’s first and only fully automatic concrete block manufacturing plant. It is amongst only a handful of companies with automated machinery in the entire South Asian region. Its meticulous approach to concrete making has led Asian Concreto to become the only Nepal Standard certified block manufacturing company. 

Now, what if you need the concrete pavers of your choice in large volumes to your city or suburbs far from the city of Kathmandu. Well, Asian Concreto has got you covered. It has a huge production capacity to enable quick and large volume deliveries. Unlike local and other manufacturers, it has a well-developed and very sophisticated distribution system. Anything you would choose from its tantalizing product line will be delivered in your footsteps in all parts of Nepal without any hassle reaching as far as Rara Lake for a cycle track.

With the slogan of Beautify a Way at its heart, Asian Concreto equally puts emphasis on the durability of its products in its mind. It uses high-quality raw materials, some imported from abroad to manufacture products with the same strength and quality as their European counterparts verified by an intensive series of stress tests. These extensively durable products of Asian concreto are delivered damage-free all over Nepal. The manufacturing plants stack up the products for packing automatically right after the production and they are bundled up by binding strips. Trolleys and carriers are used to place the bundle to the dispatch section where their Palfinger(Crane) carries the bundle and uploads it safely to the vehicle for delivery. The same Palfinger is used to unload the product at the site safely. They have very experienced crane operators, especially for this particular purpose. Since most of the work is done automatically from the manufacturing to the delivery, there is a very rare chance of damage while delivering the products.

Satisfied by my reasons as to why Asian Concreto is the best place you can buy concrete pavers and tiles in Nepal? If yes, start selecting the products and order them right away. But, If you are still skeptical, you can always visit their showroom in Teku, to have a closer glance at their products and experience an epiphany.