Guide to good laying and preparation of the earth for laying of various types of products. Also can be found the details with regard to permeable pavers which need a different design and construction of the base.


The quality of paving depends on the care taken in all aspects of construction from subgrade preparation to laying of paving blocks and final compaction. 

Well-segmented paving depends just as much on good construction as on good blocks and design.


The principal lines of the paving unit pattern as laid shall be as specified in the project specification or given on the drawings, and as agreed with the engineer before laying commences. If the said principal lines are not so specified, given, or agreed upon, the units shall be laid in a herringbone pattern if the block shape permits, and, where units cannot be so laid, they shall be laid with the long axis at the right angles to the line of traffic. Except where curved patterns are required, the lines of the unit pattern shall be visually straight and parallel to major kerbs or buildings, or other structures, as most appropriate and as approved. Where appropriate, lines shall be set up at right angles to each other to control the alignment of the units. Joint widths shall be between 2 mm and 6 mm. Whole units shall be laid first. Full-depth closure units of special size or cut or part units split from whole units, shall be fitted into gaps around the perimeter and around service installations such as manholes. Where the plant has to be moved over an uncompacted newly laid pavement, boards shall be laid to prevent disturbance of the units.


]Each gap where a closure unit cannot be used, shall be filled, after thorough pre-wetting of all units bounding the gap, with concrete that has a 24-hour cube strength of at least 15 MPa and contains an aggregate of maximum nominal size of 9,5 mm. Filling shall be kept to an absolute minimum and shall be too full unit depth in all cases. The concrete shall be cured for at least 24 hours by covering it with moist sand or approved plastic sheeting or hessian firmly held down at the edges. Where concrete is used for filling gaps, no compaction shall be carried out within 1m of such filling unit 24 hours after the filling has been completed or until the specified cube strength of 15 MPa has been attained, whichever occurs first.